Why Hire an Advisor?

You’ll be discussing your compensation with executives that have negotiated hundreds of favorable contracts for their hospital, healthcare system or medical group. They come to the table with experience and information – so should you.

It’s all too familiar. You completed the interview and it’s a good opportunity. You shake hands because you like what you see, and then your prospective employer gives you an employment contract. Now you have a lengthy complex legal agreement that outlines any number of compensation models: fee-for service, Worked Relative Value Units (WRVU) or net profit. The choice you make will be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars over the term of the contract.

Chose to hire an expert advisor to research, model and negotiate compensation
on your behalf to level a playing field that typically favors the employer.

Our compensation advice isn’t limited to an employment contract.

Our clients in private practice benefit from our knowledge of payer contracting and billing systems. We have modeling tools to compare reimbursement rates among insurance companies and experience in maximizing payer reimbursement for physician services.